ASKO Processing, Inc.

Providing a full range of metal finishing for all shapes and sizes of fabricated and precision-machined parts for aerospace, electronics and industrial customers for more than 50 years.

Full Service Capabilities

  • Extensive range of metal finishing, selective plating and coating removal services through The Asko Group.

  • One-stop sourcing eliminates time-consuming pick-up and delivery and reduces the risk of damage when shipping parts from one supplier to another

Efficient In-place systems

  • Service that extends beyond the human level to our systems and procedures.

  • Proprietary Asko software allows us to track your projects at all times—instantly

Environmentally Aware

  • Long before the law required strict environmental safeguards, we made a commitment to protect our environment and our employees. For years, our Delta pollution control system has been removing heavy metals from our rinse water and every one of our plating technicians has been trained in the proper handling of metallic solutions. We believe technology used wisely benefits us all.

Certified and Approved

  • ASKO Processing meets virtually all relevant Military Specifications (MIL-Spec) and Federal requirements.

  • Source Quality Control approved by some of the toughest customers in the world.

  • To verify specific processing specification approvals for prime contractors, please contact us or call 206.634.2080 and ask for Sales..


  • Anodizing and chemical treatment of aluminum;

  • Plating with hard chrome, tin, cadmium, copper, titanium-cadmium and precious metals;

  • Electroless nickel plating;

  • Magnetic, penetrant and eddy current inspection for metal defects

  • Shot peening and abrasive cleaning.

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