Aircraft / Aerospace 

One-stop repair and reconditioning source for the aerospace industry.

From parts finishing for the OEM market to overhauling and repairing worn landing gear and other aircraft assembly parts for both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, our FAA-certified and Source Quality Control approved shop meets the high standards of virtually all major aerospace companies and repair stations in the world.

Aerospace/Aircraft Services

Complete service for reconditioning aircraft metal parts:
From refinishing fixed wing flap carriages and flap tracks to reconditioning transmission gears from heavy lift helicopters, Asko can handle your entire job.

  • Stripping existing finishes

  • Manufacturing and installing repair bushings

  • Refinishing subcomponents to overhaul manual specifications.

  • MIL-Spec certified to metal finish complex parts.

  • Able to fully inspect any aircraft component with our nondestructive test facility.

  • Can cold-work metal surfaces with shot peeners to increase fatigue strength.

  • Offering a variety of anodizing processes, including hard coat, sulfuric and chromic.

Small shop superior service

  • Our wide range of products and services in one location lets you handle your parts repair and reconditioning with just one purchase order, saving you time and paperwork.

  • Each project tracked independently, using proprietary software that let’s us find instantly where your project is in the process.

Aerospace/Aircraft Capabilities

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Qualified to provide magnetic, particle, and dye penetrant inspection to a wide variety of MIL standards and OEM specifications.

  • Aircraft metal parts can be reconditioned and thoroughly inspected at the same facility, saving you time and money.

Machining and Fabrication

  • Complete machine shop that specializes in the aircraft overhaul industry.

  • Remanufacturing of worn or damaged parts.

  • Expertly calibrated modern equipment handles grinding, honing, lapping, polishing, turning, precision welding, shot peening and more

  • Boeing and MIL-Spec certified.

  • Magnaflux, penetrant and eddy current inspection capabilities.

Metal Plating

  • Full range of processes for the application or removal of metal coatings.

  • Able to electroplate virtually any size or configuration in a wide range of metals.

  • Plating capabilities include anodizing, cadmium, hard chrome, nickel and silver plating, plus aluminum chemical treatment.

  • Selective (brush) plating available at your site for unusually large surface repair or enhancement reduces costly disassembly and downtime.

  • Modern laboratory assures quality plating solutions.

Paint Finishing and Coatings

  • Extensive MIL-Spec painting experience.

  • Experts in the application of powder coatings, dry film lubricants and specialized coatings.

  • EMI shielding, Teflon coating and fire-retardant coating services.

  • Plastic media blasting removes most coatings without damaging the metal surface or finish.

Metal Finishing Services

  • Mag Inspection

  • Pen Inspect

  • Eddy Inspect

  • Grind & Hone

  • Nital Etch Inspect

  • Shot Peen

  • Silver

  • Machine Spotfaces

  • Cad Plate, Passivate

  • Chromic Anodize, Mag Phosphate

  • Hard Chrome, Zinc Phosphate

  • Sulfamate Nickel, Prime & Paint

  • Passivate, Selective Plate

  • TI-CAD, Install Bushings & Sleeves

  • Electroless Nickel

  • Manufacture Bushing & Sleeves

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