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Asko Electronics Capabilities

Asko Group has served the precision needs of the electronics industry for more than 25 years.

  Precious Metal Plating
  • Modern facilities and laboratory assures quality plating solutions and thickness accuracy measurement on electronic components.
  • Attention to quality and cleanliness assures you of consistent conductivity, excellent solderability and zero defects.
  • Experienced with direct OEM support and fulfillment, we can act as your “in-house” facility.

  Circuit Board Repair
  • Repair your expensive circuit boards with our selective plating capabilities.
  • Repair pits and breaks, replace worn, flaking or missing fingers and pads with our IPC-approved process.
  • We also can remove solder splash.

  Screen Printing/Engraving
  • Specialized expertise in handling complicated screen printing and engraving for the identification of electrical panels or parts.
  • Screen printing in multiple colors on round surfaces up to 12 inches in diameter and on flat surfaces up to eight feet long.
  • Engraving on large and odd-sized pieces for nomenclature/numbers on panels, dials, switches and name plates.

  Quality Assurance at All Levels
  • We meet all strict MIL-Spec and Federal requirements and are Source Quality Control approved by some of the toughest customers in the world.
  • Each Asko employee is responsible for ensuring the quality of their process and the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Superior service includes our systems and procedures, such as proprietary software that allows us to track your projects instantly.
  • Using the latest measurement tools, e.g. X-ray fluorescence.

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